Matt Shively & Kathryn Newton – Paranormal Activity 4 Interview with Tribute

“Paranormal Activity 4” is the latest installment in the hit found-footage franchise introducing some fresh new faces to the big screen. This one focuses on Alex (Kathryn Newton), a teenager living near Katie, the star of the first movie who is now possessed by a demon. Kathryn and co-star Matt Shively (who plays Ben) were thrilled to be a part of the franchise and are even happier now that they can finally talk about it, as they were sworn to secrecy during filming. spoke with Matt and Kathryn via satellite from Los Angeles about their love for scary movies, keeping the script secret and how they kept things light and fun on set.

Interview by Bonnie Laufer Krebs for Tribute Entertainment Media Group

“Paranormal Activity 4” info:


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