Max and the Haunted Castle (1996)

Max is a cute and very curious little fellow. He lives with his Uncle Pong in “Rightaroundthecorner”, a small village in Dogsfairyland. Children help Max as he comes to the aid of his friends. With Max they experience exciting environments which foster and encourage early learning skills.
Max and the Haunted Castle is an interactive learning game in which your task is to free the friendly ghost! Willy, the castle ghost, is trapped in the tower, and Max is his only hope. It’s up to you to help Max free him. Can you find enough of Willy’s favourite food to restore his ghostly powers?

Download the game:
French version:
Dutch version:

English title: Max & The Haunted Castle
German title: Max und das Schlossgespenst
French ttile: Max et le château hanté
Dutch title: Max en het Gele-Sokjes-Spook

Tagline: Free the friendly ghost


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